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Welcome to the FFH and Media Design page.  If you have a home currently under construction then you should have already made your selections with your sales rep including your "Lifestyle" technology package". If you haven't decided yet, or would like our help, please feel free to look them over here to choose which one fits your Lifestyle. 

It is important to address this during your selection process with your sales rep for proper schedulng and to avoid change order fee's.


Do you want us to email you a quick guide with pricing and an easy fill form to figure out your package and total?

Just email us and we will send it to you at

Below you will find our Lifestyle packages.  These are exclusive discounted packages for FFH clients and are designed to fit today's  connected lifestyles.  Technology has dramatically change in the last few years. Gone are the days of a "cable jack". We now refer to it as a TV location because most TV's allow you to stream and may need multiple connections.  Music lovers stream music, binge watchers use Netflix, HULU, etc.  Apps are simply part of everyday life. We know this, we hear it everyday and have designed packages to fit you and your "Lifestyle"


All of our packages are wiring only but do include an "Access Point" installed and programmed, ready to move in.  No more routers on the floor and clumps of wire, we do things the way they are supposed to be done. Also, all of our packages include a Tech Tube to the Attic to provide a way to run wires in the future.

Our speaker locations include a trim ring and grill cover so popping in a speaker is easy when your ready. Our family of add on products fit in seamlessly and can be purchased anytime as your budget permits. Our packages are carefully thought out but can be modified if need be.

If you are excited about 8K TV, then maybe you want to add some Fiber Optic cables ? Just add them, no problem.

Again, the idea is to make your house ready for you now, and in the future!

Do you want us to email you a quick guide with pricing and an easy fill form to figure out your package and total?

Just email us and we will send it to you at

Lifestyle Packages

The "Connectivity" package is our most affordable package and is designed for an empty nester or small home. 

It has the basics in it, Sound, WiFi, Security, Television and just enough of each to keep you happy and safe.


The "Essentials" package is robust and designed for a medium size home and people on the go. All of the TV locations have data connections to avoid the slowdowns when everyone is home. You can choose music throughout or maybe opt for Surround wiring for Friday night binges or Sleepovers. We even added a Tech Tube to the attic for future services and expansion that you will thank us for...later. 


Ahh the GURU, that's who we are and glad you are too. This package has it all for the "Whole Home" hosted house. four rooms wired for sound, 5.1 Surround sound wiring, Interactive Security capability and even a little Fiber Optics because us GURU's know you are going to need it. Maybe you want a hosted system to control it all? We've got you covered!


Want to customize your Lifestyle Package? No problem!


Now you can add the items you want finished!


The fine  print you can see...

All packages can be Tailored specifically for your Lifestyle (see your Pre-Construction packet)

If you want more items you have wired for installed, choose them from the Add On's  list (see your Pre-Construction packet).

An access point is not a guarantee of WiFi coverage. Many things affect WiFi like the size of the house, building materials, etc. What we can say is a an access point that is properly located and configured in your house, will give you the best possible coverage.  In some circumstances multiple access points will be needed at an extra charge.

We are not responsible for your connectivity and devices, we guarantee the operation of the network only.


The security system comes with a 3 year commitment for monitoring. We use a Hybrid wired/wireless version so you have the best of both worlds.  As your Lifestyle changes, so can your security needs and it is as easy as adding a device. We do provide an Insurance Certificate for a discount making it very affordable to be safe.

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