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 Security Sysytem FAQ

How do I use my DSC Security System and other features?

Your DSC security system is very easy to use but if you need additional instructions click here and choose from the options on the right.

Please note the instructions are generic for all DSC security systems and some features may not apply to your specific system.



How do I test my system and how often?


Alarm Test Procedure


1. Call the Central Station at 1-800-432-9250 and tell them you want to test your system.

2. Give them your name and account number.

3. At your keypad press and hold the fire button/s until the siren sounds.The alarm will report the information to the Central Station. The process should take less than 2 minutes. The alarm will hang up.

4. Enter your code to disarm and reset the system.

5. Call the Central Station and ask if they received the information.

6. Repeat this process as often as you would like and for any device on your system including doors, windows, motion detectors Etc.


In the case that your alarm is not working properly several events will occur.

1. The system will attempt to call for up to 15 minutes. This is because your system has been programmed to dial the Station up to 10 times to deliver its information.

2. The trouble light will illuminate to inform you of its failure to communicate with the Central Station.

3. The Central Station will not have received the information.

If this occurs your system will need service. In most cases we can service your system by telephone. In either case please call us at (651) 204-3377 to correct the problem.

Please keep these instructions with your instruction booklet or in a safe place.


How do I know my security system works?

The answer is to test your system and test it often. Testing is the only way to ensure your system works and is your responsibility. Look in this FAQ section on how to test your system


How do I replace the battery in the main panel?

You can purchase a new battery from us although many people decide to replace it at their local battery store. Remove the cover on the main panel and disconnect/remove the large rectangular battery for replacement. Most battery stores will recycle the old battery for you. Please dispose of the old battery properly.


How does this affect my insurance?

In many cases a discount can be applied to your homeowners insurance and can be up to 20%. This savings can offset the cost of your system and in turn provide very cheap peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe. Your security system comes with a certificate as proof that you have a working system. You can discuss your discount with your insurance agent and in most cases your agent will want a copy of this certificate for their records.


What if I have a false alarm?

If you have a false alarm, don’t panic. Call the central station and let them know what happened as soon as possible. False alarms are problem and some cities are charging a fee for them. The fact is most false alarms can be avoided and in most cases are the users fault. We are not responsible for false alarm fees and can trace the cause of the false alarm through the systems event buffer.

Here are some tips to avoid false alarms:

Please make sure to read your owner’s manual and that you are familiar with your system.

Use your system! Using your system will help you understand its operation and that knowledge is the first line of defense in reducing false alarms.

Test your system! Testing your system is your responsibility and is a great way to understand how your system will respond in an alarm condition. Again, knowledge is best.

Pay attention to any patterns if you have a false alarm problem. Certain times of the day and/or a consistent event occurring are few of the many ways we can track down a false alarm problem.


What if my power goes out?

Your system has a backup battery inside the main panel. The system will use power from the battery until the power returns. The system is programmed to report a low battery if the outage lasts for an extended period of time,


What if someone cuts my phone line?

The standard version of your system is installed with a landline or standard telephone connection and is dependent on this connection for the ability to communicate with the central station. If the phone line is cut the system will not be able to communicate. When your security system detects this condition and is armed the siren will sound. If your system is unarmed, the keypad will continuously beep until the condition is resolved.


What if I don’t have a landline or telephone service at my residence?

There are plenty of options for telephone service these days from cell phones to voice over IP (internet) being the most common.

Here are some reasons to consider a landline at your residence: Reliability, a standard hardwired phone line is very dependable and outages are rare. With voice over IP your phone line is as reliable as your computer and must be on at all times. If you call 911 with a cell phone the authorities do not know your location unless you tell them. Knowing your location can save precious time in the case of an emergency. In the event that you cannot talk or are being held up a cell phone will not give your location. In many cities the telephone company offers a “basic” telephone line at a reasonable cost. If you still do not want a landline your Media Design security system can be equipped with a GSM module or “Cell phone backup”. Usually used as a backup a GSM can be used as a primary means of communication although it is a cell phone and is susceptible to cell phone issues such as dead spots. Airtime charges apply to a GSM and an additional fee charged on your monthly monitoring service.



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