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Central Vac

Once considered a luxury,  the Central Vacuum has become a standard in new construction homes. . Why have they become so popular? Central vacs have a 30 foot hose and extensive set of attachments,  making tasks like dusting high ceiling fans or the top of tall cabinets easy. These vaccums allow the user to vacuum straight from the carpet to the bare floor with the flip of a switch. Important for allergy sufferers,  the vac system removes dust and allergens directly out of the home, exhausting these irritants to the outside or garage. There are no bags to buy, the Vac systems are quiet,  and perhaps most important of all, they are powerful! Ask someone who has one and they will tell you, "I'll never be without one again."


Media Design carries a full line of Eureka Central Vacuums.

Security systems

Security systems are a becoming a must in today's world. They offer peace of mind and help keep your family and home safe from intuders, fire and carbon monoxide.

Our philosophy is different than other security companies.  All too often, customers are incorrectly sold a system in a pre-designed package and end up with a system that isn't right for their family or home. We believe that each home is unique and has different security risks and needs. When Media Design installs a Security system, we consider all the potential risks and wire accordingly. We are up to date on the latest innovations in security and work with you to offer your family the best system for your home at a better price than the security mega-stores.  In addition to installing the security system, Media Design offers monthly monitoring at the lowest rates in the industry.

Home Theaters

Families and friends congregate and connect in your home's Great Room.    It's the one room in your home where every family member can relax and regroup.   Media Design are the experts when it comes to renovating or updating this important home space.  Our design team can install something as simple as a surround system or as complex as a dedicated home theater.  We pride ourselves on helping you make your home a place that you will be proud to show off and happy to come home to everyday.


Whether your are designing a brand new space from the floor up or renovating an existing room, we can assist home owners in all aspects of Home Theater design.  If you desire a Man Cave, a teenage paradise or an awe inspiring entertaining space, we are the experts on integrating the latest technology into your home in a beautiful and functional way.

Structured wiring

What is it and what does it mean?


Structured wire is basically all of the “low voltage” wiring in your home, such as audio /video wiring, computer wiring, security wiring, digital cable, satellite television, digital telephone, high speed Internet and home office networking.


Why would you choose to use Media Design to install a structured wiring system when building your new home? First, structured wiring sets the highest standard for the quality of cabling used, the amount of cabling placed and the method in which it is installed.  Your system's integrity is important to us. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same is true of a structured wiring system. All of the wire, jacks, and modules we use are of the highest quality in order to maintain the best and strongest signal throughout the system.  Secondly, structured wiring systems dictate the use of a centralized "hub," usually located in the mechanical room of your house. All of the cabling is "home run" and housed in a cabinet. Inside this cabinet are modules that each wire connects to, creating a network of wires that makes it easy for any installer to understand, expand and service anything contained within the system.   This simplifies expanding your systems as more services become available. This is especially important in our ever expanding digital world.  Media Design's structured wiring experts set your home up to be technologically relavent now and far into the future.

Whole house A/V

Whole home music systems are one of our most commonly requested items. Whether it's dance music for a party, holiday music for a family gathering,  or soft background music for every day living, music sets the mood.


Today's electronics are unobtrusive, there are no box speakers to decorate around.

The components dwell in a cabinet and the speakers disappear right into the walls.  The system allows you to adjust each room independently with a volume control.  If you want, go one step further and add a touch pad to your system to control. ..........


We can design a system of any size and for any budget.

Technology Integration Services

Technology changes at the speed of light.  While innovations in home technology can be confusing and frustrating, we at Media Design are here to help and educate homeowners.  We offer home Technology Consutations which involve assessing your current equipment and finding and installing any software updates for optimization of performance.  We can explain how certain devices can be made to communicate with each other and help teach you how your current equipment can enhance your home life in a much bigger way.  Given our years of experience, we can also make educated recommendations about new equipment that would work well for your family.  

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