Cord Cutters

Cord Cutters read on…

So, you have probably wondered about saving money by getting rid of your landline and how it impacts your security system? Here is the short version for you.            

The best option is to install a GSM or “cell backup” that uses the cell network to communicate with the central station. They are pre-programmed for a quick install and are $160 including the installation. This uses the cell network so there is no worrying about the line being cut outside and the service adds only $13 per month to you current monitoring rate. So, if you’re currently paying $26.99 for monitoring, your new rate will be $39.99 per month. This is an outbound line only for the exclusive use of the alarm system.


Average landline cost annually    $492

GSM cost first year $316 and subsequent years annually $156

That is a savings of over $1500 in 5 years!!


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