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Media Design has been in business for 23 years.  We have worked in over 1400 homes and businesses around the Twin Cities Metro area.  We have the necessary knowledge, experience, and connections needed to turn out the highest quality product available.   


  • Media Design has worked in numerous  "Parade of  Homes", including two entrys in the "Street of Dreams."

  • We have worked in eleven homes in the premier neighborhood Bear Path.

  • Other developments we often work in include Belle Oaks, Troy Burne, The Territory, Chevalle as well as many other premiere areas throughout Minnesota.

  • Commercially, we have installed countless closed circut TV systems, Security systems and music systems in businesses throughout the Twin Cities.  Media Design installed all of the TVs  in the Metrodome suites and lounges. We have worked for the State of Minnesota designing and installing a presentation room and have worked with a local school district with their AV equipment. 

  • Some of our most technically challenging work is older home remodeling projects.  One of our favorites was a mansion on Summit Ave in St Paul.   This project involved  a 100 year old house which had gone through five previous additions and remodels. It took the knowledge and collaboration of many crafstman to combine the old with the new into a synergy that preserved the history as well as the character of the house...while bringing in the modern technology the homeowner desired.  We love a good challenge and know our customers will be delighted with the results.  


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